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There are many reasons to choose Hancock Mortgage. The benefits go far beyond standard benefits. We have benefits such as broad product mix, IT tools, quick closings, corporate backing, weekly training, and experienced staff!

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Team Principles

  1. Ego Aside: Leave egos at the door. We're a team, and we succeed together.
  2. Embrace Enjoyment: Infuse fun into what we do – it's the heart of our collaboration.
  3. Daily Improvement: Strive to elevate ourselves daily – progress is our constant goal.
  4. Visualize Triumph: Envision success with all your senses – see, smell, feel, taste, create, and achieve.
  5. Balance Faith and Effort: Pray with hope, work with determination – our destiny is a blend of both.
  6. Gain from Victory and Setback: Celebrate lessons from both triumphs and failures – they shape our journey.
  7. Work to Live: Remember, work fuels life, not the other way around – maintain equilibrium.
  8. Respect in Action: Treat colleagues as you wish to be treated, if not better.
  9. Team Unity: Unity drives us – communicate persistently, aim for victories consistently.
  10. Radiate Confidence: Confidence is infectious – carry it always, inspiring those around you.
  11. Unleash Love: Love's power knows no bounds – share it generously, touching all we encounter.
  12. Give Freely: Outgive what you receive – generosity is the heart of our interactions.

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