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With Our Supportive Team, You Can Drive instead of Being Stuck in the Back Seat!

Professional Growth and Development

At Hancock Mortgage, we understand that the success of our loan officers is integral to our own success. We offer a range of opportunities and resources to foster your professional growth:

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Cutting-Edge Technology and Tools

At Hancock Mortgage, we believe that the right tools can make all the difference in your success as a loan officer. We have advanced digital platforms with data-driven insights and mobile accessibility.

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Supportive Company Culture

Joining Hancock Mortgage means becoming a part of a supportive and collaborative community. Our open and communicative environment fosters teamwork and shared success.

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Make a Difference in Your Community

By Helping People Get into a Home!

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8 Key Areas for You to Think About in Your Job?

  1. Culture: Do you want an open culture from top to bottom? Do you need to be held accountable by your manager to perform weekly business development tasks or do you perform better with limited supervision?
  2. Products and Price: Is having the best rates the most important to you? Do you want many different products, including unique niche products?
  3. Compensation: Do you want to build a business on repeat business and referrals? Is your main goal to make as much money as possible on every transaction?
  4. Volume: Do you want to self-generate 100% of your business or do you want company-supplied sources of business?
  5. Operational Support: Do you feel the need to be involved in the entire loan process to have the best services? Or do you just like to take the application and move onto the next one? Does it matter who works on your files or do you want to work with the operation team?
  6. Marketing: Are you receiving the marketing support that you need to increase business and enhance your own personal brand? Are you maximizing social media? Do you utilize co-branded marketing?
  7. Transitioning: What are your transition goals? What would you like done before you come on board?
  8. Chemistry: The mortgage industry is a people business. Are you looking to have the right chemistry with your co-workers?
  9. We have the answers that work for you! Let us know how we can make you feel comfortable in your new role as part of the Hancock Mortgage team.